NEON: Kite Pavilion

Fort Hill shelter, Margate, UK
Film: Harriet Wrench

Kite Pavilion transformed the “Fort Hill” shelter through the integration of a bright and vibrant kite inspired membrane. Each bay of the existing structure housed an open pyramid where each face was assigned a different neon colour. This geometry causes the installation to appear to dramatically change colour depending on your viewing angle in much the same way that a kite changes in appearance depending on its flying angle in the sky. Signage referencing Mary Poppins sits above the shelter reading “let’s go fly a kite!” which is designed to act as an invitation as well as evoke nostalgia.

Alongside the installation we ran a 3 day long kite making workshop where visitors were taught how to build and fly a free kite. The workshops were developed in close association with local Kite group “Kent Kite Flyers”.

The Kite Pavilion was made possible due to Art’s Council funding and was part of an event entitled “A Clifftop Wander” which included a number of different events and installations running along the Margate Coastal Park between the 9th – 11th September 2016