Meidän linja

Community Art Project in Public Space
Viliina Koivisto, Annika Niskanen and Johannes Vartola

Meidän linja was a community art project which consisted of 5 stops on an imaginary bus route. The project was an everyday utopia in which a bus stop, a tree and a park became real within a construction site. The project invited the residents of Kalasatama area in Helsinki to dream what the world, the residents themselves, and the Kalasatama area will be like in the future. The participants were asked to leave their stories in the trees of the Meidän linja bus stops. In the end of the project the collected stories were presented as a sound art work in a subway near the construction works.

The project was produced by Kalasataman taidetalkoot, which is a community art project facilitated by Eskus-performance centre. Meidän linja was part of The City of Helsinki Environmental Art Project 2015.